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We live in a chaotic world with myriad electronic devices, 24/7 worldwide news and hectic personal lives. Originally I thought that my fascination with grids stemmed from their pervasive presence as the ultimate sign of humans on earth. Now I realize that they are my way of trying to make order from the chaos. I always have a reference to my feelings about the fast-disappearing natural world in my mind.




Although grids predominate in my work, I also have a newer series called “Spaced Out”, which offers a refreshing vacation from the grid and gives me a chance to cut loose and freely experiment with color and texture on round canvases. They are inspired by the compelling images of planets and stars seen widely today. I continue using various shaped canvases with the grids.


I continue to work in series of several paintings on a general theme to develop and explore all possibilities. One series, BLUES, dealt with my reaction to blues music. I have done several series relating to the seasons of the year. (See Winter Dreams, Spring Breaks, Summer Lies and Fall Fades in Recent Works.)

I work in many painting media, and sometimes cut the canvas and insert painted canvas scraps for a dimensional effect. I sometimes use texturing materials to vary the surface.